What is the freebXML.org initiative?

freebXML.org aims to foster the development and adoption of ebXML and related technology through software and experience sharing. It provides a centralized site for the sharing of 'free' ebXML code and applications as well as development and deployment experience.

What is the vision of freebXML.org?

Our vision is to create a virtual community, dedicated to ebXML and related technology, to facilitate the sharing of code, applications and experience among developers and users.

What is the difference between freebXML.org and other ebXML initiatives?

Other ebXML initiatives such as OASIS (www.oasis-open.org and www.ebxml.org) define and create ebXML specifications and standards to enable e-commerce. freebXML.org's focus is on implementations of these ebXML Specifications/Standards. Thus, participants of freebXML.org do not create competing specifications to existing ebXML Specifications/Standards. Rather, they create and collaborate on projects based on these specifications.

Is freebXML.org going to compete with vendor products?

No, freebXML.org does not compete with software vendors. On the contrary, we believe open-source projects accelerate product development cycles and spur the creation of a diverse range of products and services that meet market needs. Open-source projects are good driving forces behind technology adoption.

freebXML.org encourages open-source projects, but why are commercial/proprietary vendors/products listed on this site?

One of freebXML.org's goals is to drive the adoption of ebXML. Sharing code and binaries is a good way to spur the creation of a variety of ebXML products and services. At the same time, the availability of commercial products/services not only meets the immediate needs of adopters, but also demonstrates the readiness of ebXML for the marketplace. Hence, vendors are a driving force of ebXML adoption.

How do I join freebXML.org?

To access freebXML.org Website, no membership is required. Some projects may ask users/developers to fill out a form online to help keep track of the download. All access and download privileges are free.

What is expected from users/developers of freebXML.org?

Users/developers are expected to observe the types of free licenses of the projects. They should also practice proper 'netiquettes'.

What are the freebXML.org projects?

Current projects at freebXML.org can be found in http://www.freebxml.org/projects.htm

How can I contribute to the projects in freebXML.org?

Users/developers are encouraged to download and carry on further development of the projects. Users/developers can subscribe to individual project development mailing lists and contribute by providing feedback, such as bug or problem reports, as well as patches to the list.

How can I start a new open-source software project at freebXML.org?

XML Developers interested in starting a new open-source software project at freebXML.org can email their proposals to freebxml@cecid.hku.hk. Our Technical Coordinator will follow up with the sender on the proposal.

What open source licenses are suitable for freebXML projects?

There are several licensing models for Open Source (http://www.opensource.org). Some licenses permit the individual or organization to change the source and keep the modified product private. Others require that all changes made to the source must be freely distributed with the modified product. freebXML projects can use licenses that allow commercial use and distribution in source or binary forms (e.g. Apache, BSD, or others as in http://www.opensource.org/licenses/index.php).

Why companies use and support this standard?

Plenty of companies such as Walmart use and promote the ebXML standard. More and more ecommerce companies discover the usefulness and versatility of this protocole in various niches like gaming, health, finance and others. Used in accounting procedures, archiving, trading and front office applications, ebXML has become the standard in these areas.

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