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freebXML Registry (ebxmlrr) is a powerful and flexible registry and repository implementation based upon a generic and extensible information model. The registry is a way of storing meta information about entries in the repository. Any type of data can be stored in the repository including Web Service descriptions, XML data and documents, binary data (such as images, sound files, video data, executable application files, CAD files, etc.), and any other kind of data. Using the registry, this data can be searched and classified using advanced and ad hoc query mechanisms such as XML filter query and SQL query. Consequently, the OASIS ebxml Registry/Repository standard enables a powerful and flexible registry that can be deployed as a public registry, a private registry used within an organization, or a registry shared by an organization and its partners.

The ebxmlrr UI client software provides a unique user interface (UI) for graphically visualizing registry content. It is based on the Java API for XML Registries ('JAXR'). JAXR provides a single standard Java API that allows Java programmers to interact with emerging standards for XML Registries including both ebXML Registry and UDDI. This UI client software also uses the Java API for XML Messaging ('JAXM') in order to send SOAP based messages between the client software and the registry. These SOAP messages are used to send requests to the OASIS ebXML Registry and to receive responses from the registry.

Both the registry and client software are the results of an international collaboration with developers from around the world. These open-source projects, released under an Apache style open source license that permits royalty free use of the source and binaries, are hosted and can be downloaded at Source Forge.

You are invited to subscribe to the mailing lists hosted at SourceForge for any discussions on general and technical issues of ebxmlrr.

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