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Download - ebMail (release 1.2)

 Install shield package for Win32 (To be released)

This is a Win32 installation setup file that installs the binaries of ebMail on a Win32 system. This package will install a sample plug-in. Also, JRE is included.

  Setup Guide

This document describes the procedures to setup ebMail and import plugins.

  Plugin Development Guide

This document describes the architecture for plugin of ebMail. It provides information on how to develop plugins for ebMail.

  Plugin Development Tutorial

This document presents an example of developing a plugin for ebMail.

  Source Distribution

This is the source package of ebMail. It is identical to the source code that can be downloaded from SourceForge. The source code of a sample plugin is included.

  Binary Distribution

This is a pre-compiled package of ebMail, which is executable without the need of compilation. A sample plugin is included.


You are invited to subscribe to the mailing lists hosted at SourceForge. There are discussions on general and technical issues of Hermes, announcements on ebMail new releases, etc.

Professional support and consulting services are also available.