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The forums freebxml and freebxml-dev are media for IT directors, system analysts, programmers, and all those who are interested in ebXML open source projects to share views and opinions regarding any ebXML open source projects and this website - freebXML. You are very much welcome to join these forums and to share your ideas or questions.

The forums are managed through the use of Yahoo! Groups, which is an internet forum with message alert functions. Please feel free to join the forums and customized their functions for your convenience. Before joining the forums, you need to register an user account in Yahoo! If you do not have one, please go to www.yahoo.com.

Forum freebXML
You can discuss anything about this website - freebXML. Click the button below to join:

Forum freebXML-dev
You can discuss anything about technical as well as non-technical topics of ebXML open source projects. Click the button below to join:

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