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Project: Hermes Message Service Handler

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Hermes is a Message Service Handler (MSH) or message gateway that provides a standardized, reliable, and secure infrastructure for enterprises to exchange business documents. It is in compliance with the OASIS ebXML Message Service (ebMS V2) standard. The lastest version, Hermes 2 also supports Applicability Specification 2 (AS2), a common message transfer protocol used by retailers and manufacturers in supply chains. Hermes supports secure messaging functions through widely-adopted Internet security technologies, such as XML Signature, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). It has also implemented reliable delivery features defined in ebMS and AS2 standards to ensure the exchanged message is received and intact. The feature list of Hermes includes message packaging, reliable messaging, message ordering, error handling, security, synchronous reply, message status service, and RDBMS persistent storage. Hermes also supports transport protocols, such as HTTP and SMTP, to suit different needs of large and small enterprises, and different business requirements.

In addition to secure and reliable messaging functions, Hermes supports the concept of 'quality of service' by respecting in-force agreements between itself and any other ebMS-compliant MSH with which it communicates. These agreements are expressed as CPA.

Hermes is an MSH implemented by developers at the Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development at the University of Hong Kong. Hermes has completed the AS2 interoperability with 29 other products. The test was organized by the US leading testing company, the Drummond Group. The message has also demonstrated ebMS interoperability in connectivity, reliability and security with 9 Asian products. An open-source project released under the Academic Free License, Hermes 1, can be downloaded here. Hermes 2 is available under a dual license model. Released under the GNU General Public License Version 2, Hermes 2 open source version (H2O) and its source code can be downloaded here. A deployment case of Hermes describes how Hermes is being used by two enterprises in Hong Kong can be found under Deployment Cases.

You are invited to subscribe to the mailing lists hosted at SourceForge for any discussions on general and technical issues of Hermes 1. For Hermes 2, community support is provided through the mailing list cecid-hermes2@googlegroups.com. Users and OEMs can also obtain professional support from Hermes' first value-added partners. Requests can be sent through email to enquiry@cecid.hku.hk.

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