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Download - Hermes MSH (release, updated 8 Jul 2003)

 All in one package

This encapsulates all the guides, documentation, source and binary distribution of Hermes MSH release

 Installation Guide

You should download this document first. It gives you a step-by-step guide to install our MSH on an application server.

  Development Guide

This is another document which describes the details of our MSH architecture and also describes how to write client applications to work with our MSH.

  JavaDoc API Documentation

This is the JavaDoc generated from the source code. This gives the programmer every details on our classes.

  Source Distribution

This is the source distribution of our MSH. It is identical to the source code you download from Source Forge.

  Binary Distribution

This is the pre-compiled binary package for you to install on the application server directly without compilation.


You are invited to subscribe to the mailing lists hosted at SourceForge. There are discussions on general and technical issues of Hermes, announcements on new releases, etc.