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ebMail is a GUI system which helps users with minimal knowledge on ebXML to engage in B2B activities. The user interface is email-client-like to lower the learning barrier. Underlying, the system makes use of open standards (ebXML) to communicate with business partners. Since the business messages are composed and read in GUI form, this project is useful to SMEs who do not need backend integration. Business process flow can be guided by the plugins of ebMail. ebMail supports grouping of business messages into threads.

The project is developed using Java, therefore it is platform-neutral. The GUI part is using Java Swing. For the ebXML Messaging Service, ebMail makes use of another open source project: Hermes. Currently, ebXML packaging and digital signature are supported, and the ebXML transport protocol is binded to SMTP.

You are invited to subscribe to the mailing lists hosted at SourceForge for any discussions on general and technical issues of ebMail.

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