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ebxmlrr 2.1-final1 open source ebXML Registry

The ebxmlrr project [1] of freebxml.org [2] is pleased to announce a new production-ready release of its ebXML Registry: ebxmlrr 2.1-final1.

An XML registry/repository is a critical piece of infrastructure for organizations to increase the efficiency of their business. The XML registry/repository is a versatile tool which helps to given employees, customers, and partners (internally and externally) scaleable, searchable, customizable, and secure role based access to critical information using standard protocols. The repository can store XML, web services, or any other type of data, and the registry manages the entire life cycle of information in the repository using sophisticated meta-data technology.

This update of the ebxmlrr project, which is hosted at SourceForge and available under open source and royalty free licensing terms, implements all functionality required by version 2.1 of ebXML Registry specifications [3], as defined by the OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee [4]. It also implements most optional features of version 2.1 as well as several new features of the latest interim specifications for ebXML Registry version 3 [5].

The 2.1-final1 release includes the following new features:

  • Web Content Management capability
  • Role base access control using XACML access control policies
  • Locale sensitive Registry Browser
  • XML based fully configurable Registry Browser
  • Usability improvements in Registry Browser
  • Support for read-only mode when user is unauthenticated
  • Web browser integration
  • Performance optimizations, numerous bug fixes

The complete release content for 2.1-final1 is available at:



The client package of the ebxmlrr project includes a JAXR provider, enabling standard Java API access to the ebXML registry services.

The release is available in source form from the following locations:

ebxmlrr-client: Client package with JAXR provider [8] for ebXML Registry and Registry Browser

ebxmlrr-server: Server package with core ebXML Registry server

To Learn More:

Several presentations on the ebxmlrr project [6] and the ebXML Registry specifications [7] are available for public viewing.

Mailing lists on ebxmlrr and their archives may also be found at:

We suggest that you subscribe to the low-traffic ebxmlrr-interest mailing list for announcements regarding ebxmlrr. For help on installing and using ebxmlrr, please subscribe to the ebxmlrr-tech mailing list.

Thank you for your interest in our free, open source ebXML Registry project.

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