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Project: freebXML CC


freebXML CC is a set of tools developed to provide means to facilitate the work of domain experts managing data dictionaries. freebXML CC is based on the ebXML Core Components specification and comprises a developer API as well as an end user GUI. Whereas the freebXML CC API gives the developer the chance to use Core Components without concerning about the implementation itself, the freebXML CC GUI shall allow domain experts with reasonable awareness of the Core Components specification to model their vocabularies and manage their data dictionaries using this methodology with minimum effort.

freebXML CC uses the ebXML Registry to store vocabulary data - more specifically, it uses the freebXML Registry through JAXR API. Currently the freebXML CC API is in production use state, while the GUI is still a prototype. The API maps Core Component concepts to ebXML Registry Information Model concepts through JAXR API, abstracting details about the Registry itself and providing simplified query and life cycle management features focused on Core Components / Vocabularies.

The vision is to further develop this API into a "Java API for Vocabulary Management", accompanied by a Vocabulary Management application. This would require generalizations and extensions of the current API and a set of Graphical User Interfaces, among other things. For the graphical interfaces, the current idea is to take advantage of the existing RegistryBrowser clients for the freebXML Registry: the "thin" client (a JSF based web GUI) and/or the "thick" client (a Java Swing application). This will require the freebXML registry to support a set of pluggable graphical interfaces, which shall be developed in collaboration with the freebXML CC project.

The open-source freebXML CC project, carried on by Digital Artefacts Europe, is the open-source continuation of an API developed by Republica Corp., which was meant for storing Core Components in an ebXML Registry. The API was primarily developed to be used in the LomakeFi pilot, developed for the Finnish government.

freebXML CC is available at sourceforge by the id 'ebxmlcc', under the LGPL license.

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