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Project: Webswell Broker


Webswell Broker (WB) is an integration module between business application and local message service handler. It can be used as a module of Webswell Connect or as an additional module to MSH Hermes and freebXML Registry (ebXMLrr). WB can be used for integration of legacy applications that are able to export and import data to and from file systems.

When WB is started it reads the list of applicable CPA's, configuration of directories and URLs of primary and backup instances of Registry/Repository. The next step is to select and download CPAs from Reg/Rep and register application contexts for receiving and sending ebXML messages on local instance of message service handler. The basic behavior is that it scans configured directories for payloads and control files.

Payloads are documents that have to be securely and reliably transferred to the remote business applications. Control files have the same purpose as in classical EDI integration but include just ebXML application context, (the address in ebXML world). After WB reads control file and corresponding payload it asks Registry / Repository through REST interface for specific CPA that is suitable for given type of transaction.

The next step of WB is to select specific parameters for given type of action and create appropriate ebXML message and pass the message through SOAP interface to local message service handler. The advantage of this separation is that WB can be behind a firewall and local message service handler could be outside. Webswell Broker package includes set of supporting utilities for testing and monitoring.

CFGenerator for workload simulation, TestApp for simulation of business application and extensive logging mechanism.

For monitoring of outgoing and incoming messages we use Hermes Monitor.

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