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freebXML Projects

Welcome to the freebXML projects section. Below is the list of all freebXML projects.

Message Service Handle ebMail
ebMail is a GUI system which helps users with minimal knowledgel on ebXML to engage in B2B activities. The user interface is email-client-like to lower the learning barrier. Underlying the GUI, the system makes use of open standards (ebXML) to communicate with business partners. Since the business messages are composed and read in GUI form, this project is useful to SMEs who do not need backend integration.
ebXML Registry/Repository freebXML BP
The ebBP Editor is a tool designed to help the user in creating generic as well as domain specific Business Process Specifications based on ebBP Version 2.0 by using semantic mechanisms. The editor lets the user to create Process Specifications from
scratch or use the existing ones.
ebXML Registry/Repository freebXML CC
freebXML CC is a set of tools developed to provide means to facilitate the work of domain experts managing data dictionaries. freebXML CC is based on the ebXML Core Components specification and comprises a developer API as well as an end user GUI. Whereas the freebXML CC API gives the developer the chance to use Core Components without concerning about the implementation itself, the freebXML CC GUI shall allow domain experts with reasonable awareness of the Core Components specification to model their vocabularies and manage their data dictionaries using this methodology with minimum effort.
ebXML Registry/Repository freebXML Registry
freebXML Registry (ebxmlrr) is a general registry adopting a generic and extensible information model that includes the ability to have arbitrary associations between entries in the registry. The repository is a way of storing information about entries in the registry. Any type of data can be stored in the repository including Web Service descriptions, XML data and documents, binary data (such as images, sound files, video data, executable application files, CAD files, etc.), and any other kind of data.
Message Service Handle

Hermes Message Service Handler
Hermes is a Message Service Handler or message gateway that provides a standardized, reliable, and secure infrastructure for enterprises to exchange business documents. Reliable delivery features, defined in ebMS and AS2 standards, are implemented in Hermes to enable the realization of the vision of creating a single global electronic marketplace for enterprises of any size, any industry, and in anywhere.

ebXML Registry/Repository Webswell Connector
Webswell Connect is a business integration tool based on WS web services, ebXML and AS2 standards. Installer includes ebXML Registry/Repository, universal Message Service Handler and Dispatcher and supporting software.